About Coonalley Maine Coons

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Coonalley is a small family operated cattery located in southern New Jersey. We have been breeding Maine Coons since 1991. We are dedicated to breeding the best possible quality, health and temperament. We are registered with The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) , The International Cat Association (TICA) and are a member of MCBFA.  We actively show to promote the breed and to demonstrate conformance to the breed standard. Our cats come in an array of colors and their "look" ranges from moderate to extreme type and normally do well in both associations.

 We generally have a few litters throughout the year. We believe a great personality is one of the best traits of the Maine Coon and we pay special attention to the socializing of our kittens.  Our kittens are raised underfoot and enjoy plenty of attention from our children. Upon leaving they are well socialized, outgoing and friendly and are accustomed to children and other pets. They adapt quickly to their new homes and provide a good experience for their new families. We are also committed to maintain the emotional and physical health of our breeding adults. Content adults produce happy, healthy kittens!

Our kittens are available to suitable homes for pet or show. Our cattery is Felv. & Fiv. neg. and our kittens are vaccinated and examined by our veterinarian prior to going to their new homes. Our pet kittens come with a No declaw, indoor only, spay/neuter agreement. We do guarantee them to be healthy, active and affectionate! Occasionally we have retired breeding/show cats for adoption to loving homes. All altered, healthy and very sweet.  

New litters of Maine Coon Kittens now available!